Rusteh's Bunch
The Characters

Please excuse the absence of any pretty formatting.
Hopefully, some of that will come later.

At the moment, for lack of any better way to organize
things, my characters will be grouped into three groups,
based on their family tree. All of them are medieval / fantasy,
and that will be the case forever, unless I suddenly take on another
genre, which is an unlikely thing to happen.

Italicized names means the character is dead. Click on one
of the family trees for more information on the characters
listed in them.

Some characters may overlap: If this is the case, the tree
that the character has stronger ties to will have the link
to his or her page, the one with weaker ties will refer you
to the other tree.

Kudos for you if you actually read all the crap I wrote
above. Must have been boring. But as an award for reading it
all, you get to wade through badly organized pages to read
even more boring information about characters you don't really
care about! YAY!


{Beware of falling links}