- if you want to hear an actual, non-video version of the song i'll be glad to send you it over aim
- please ignore whatever video is in the youtube links, i only picked 'em for their soundtrack
- some people get more than one song, cause I came across more than one that I thought fit em
- all mated couples have their primary(first-listed) song by the same artist
- please don't hate me if i got your character wrong! - yes, i know i spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS XD

Cercelee Steer by Missy Higgins Youtube - Lyrics

My primary motivation for picking this song, other than the fact that I completely and utterly adore Missy Higgins, is because of the following section from Cercelee's wiki: "Cercelee was made leader at a fairly young age, often projecting confidence and assertiveness where there was none. After leading the pack for nearly a year Cercelee's confidence and strength in leading has grown exponentially, finding it rare that she has to fake it any more." So, I see this song representing both Cercelee's strength in the position of leadership and about her pride in being a solid leader for her successful pack.

Haku Soul Boogeyman by Johnny Hollow Youtube - Lyrics

When I hear this creepy sounding song, I imagine Haku's demon personality is the one saying these lyrics. Either to the other two aspects of Haku's personality, or just to the world in general, I'm not entirely sure.

* Haku Soul Dead to the World by Nightwish Youtube - Lyrics

In this song, I imagine the references to "the child" to be the child aspect of Haku's personality, and as for "heaven queen" I think of Lillith 'cause of their creepy relationship / infatuation with each other. XD. The slight religious references of the final stanza also call to mind Lillith's crazy religious-ness.

* Haku Soul For the Heart I Once Had by Nightwish Youtube - Lyrics

Nightwish kept using the idea of a child in their songs, which I then couldn't help but connect to the aspect of Haku's personality called the "child" in his profile XD. But yeah, it's about being bitter and not really having emotion. I'm not sure how accurate it is now that he's got the thing going on with Lillith, but it's a song for before he met her then, damnit.

Cwmfen nic Graine As Long As You're Mine from Wicked Youtube - Lyrics

It's Cwmfen and Onus. I think the song's really cute, and it sort of fits in my mind because their relationship was such a surprise to Onus, who didn't expect to feel emotion again. And it sort of deals with the aspect that with Onus' mission and the danger he's putting himself into regularly, they have to live for and appreciate each moment they can steal because they aren't sure just how many they'll end up having.

* Cwmfen nic Graine Secret by Missy Higgins Youtube - Lyrics

I imagine this song from the perspective of Corvus to Cwmfen, regarding her "strange attraction" for him discussed slightly in her wiki entry. And it's just about him sorta taunting her, knowing that in some way back corner of her mind yeah, she wants him. I also like the particular lyric "in the shadows it grew" because of his association with the Darkness. :D.

Alexey Koios City Traffic Puzzle by The Hush Sound Youtube - Lyrics

If you ignore the one line about "you said no," this song isn't necessarily about unrequited love (which was how I initially identified with it myself XD). But yeah, I'm seeing it more like how Alexey felt when Drey left, abandoned and stuffs, but trying to keep her tears and emotions to herself somewhat so that the puppies she's nurturing don't see how much she's hurting.

Sankor Koios We Intertwined by The Hush Sound Youtube - Lyrics

Taken literally, the song is about a guy dreaming about a great love and then waking up and realizing he's alone. I connect it to Sankor because he's such a flirty ladies man, but doesn't actually have anyone of his own, poor Sankor. :(. Taken metaphorically, it fits too, 'cause it's about a dude who thinks he has this great romance but it's not actually real, and he realizes this when he "wakes up." And it's like how he flirts and crushes on people, thinks he has a chance, etc etc except then it turns out they're with someone else, sucks to be him. XD.

Slaying the Dreamer Greed for Your Love by Missy Higgins Youtube - Lyrics

Love song from Slay to Cercelee. I picked this one because of how their relationship started, where Slay was all crazy jealous of Cercelee's friendliness with wolves like Sankor and Ril'o. Plus I read somewhere or another he's pretty possessive of her, so the idea of greed for her love fits in my mind. :D.

Slaying the Dreamer Slaying the Dreamer by Nightwish Youtube - Lyrics

it's his name! I'm sure you've already heard this and might have even been inspired by the name from this song or something, but it was very important to include anyway. XD

Mew Sadira Take Me Anywhere by Tegan and Sara Youtube - Lyrics

a love song from her to Lubomir. it's a really happy and fun song, and super sweet, it fits with them in my headdd.

Lubomir Varg Heavy by Tegan and Sara Youtube - Lyrics

love song from him to Mew. I picked this one in particular becauseee of how he calls Mew his angel, so all the references to an angel in the song work for them~

Henratha Gyrkin Alligator Skin by Tilly and the Wall Youtube - Lyrics

I had a really hard time figuring out a song for Rath, and even though I haven't put in enough thought to really draw out some overall meaning from this song, it's really fun and happy and some of the lines I do think apply to Rath. Particularly the ideas of kinda being jumbled up and a bit confused, and about "find[ing] your confidence" and "learn[ing] your lines." They kinda make me think about how he's sorta socially awkward and stuff, and I guess the chorus could be about being constricted by all of the social niceties of life.

Adelaida Koios All that Disappointment by The Ropes Youtube - Lyrics

Pretty simply it's about a total emo-face, and that's how I see Ade I guess. XD. I like the song a lot, it's very simple, just about someone being so obsessed and involved with their depression and problems that they can't understand how people can just walk around without having their disappointment hanging out all over the place~

Colibri Haki Love Song by Tilly and the Wall Youtube - Lyrics

from Anu to Colibri. It's super sweet song, soft and calm which is fitting for them in my mind. And it's sort of peaceful, reassuring that things will be okay, and that Coli doesn't have to worry about all the things she worries about all the time. They are so adorable together, btw. XD.

* Colibri Haki Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap Youtube - Lyrics

This was my first choice for Colibri because I haven't ever actually examined the lyrics. On a quick glance, it seemed fitting because the chorus is cute and as her and Anu are from dif packs they're always having to "say goodnight and go" back home, etc etc. Except, Rhenna pointed out to me that this is actually a song about a stalker. Oops. XD.

Tokyo Chance Dream On by Depeche Mode Youtube - Lyrics

I interpret the song to be about being just a bittt crazy. Just like, the idea of having something that won't stop itching no matter how hard you scratch, etc. Plus it sounds really cool, and Tokyo certainly has a "debt to karma." XD. She "parties for a living" effectively too, in the sense that she only does whatever the hell she feels like doing.

* Tokyo Chance Shameless by Ani DiFranco Youtube - Lyrics

Tokyo tends to set things in motion that she can't really control, and from there she doesn't give a damn how it ends up, she's not really afraid of the consequences of most of what she does. But people end up getting pissed off at her a lot of the time, and she's just sort of like "lol whatever" as is pretty shameless.

Princess Chance Lion's Roar by The Hush Sound Youtube - Lyrics

It's a song about a desperate search for someone. I think it fits pretty well with Princess running away, then searching all over the place to figure out where Tokyo went. Even if the circus imagery doesn't work completely, it's still a fun song. XD.

* Princess Chance Hop a Plane by Tegan and Sara Youtube - Lyrics

I interpret this song as sort of dealing with Princess' troubles with her mother; she wants to be with her mother, but not really to be with her, but to be able to have a clean break away from her. There's also the travelling imagery, which is applicable 'cause of how far Princess had to trek to find her mommy.

* Princess Chance Anticipate by Ani DiFranco Youtube - Lyrics

it's a song that reminds me a lot about how everyone's always bugging Princess about being careful, and she gets all defensive because she KNOWS how to be careful. also a bunch of the lyrics are really awesome, and the stuff about actors fits with her and her mom both. also the recorded version is so much better than the live one that i linked from youtube. >>;

Willow Siam Can't Stop the Rain by Cascada Youtube - Lyrics

This song I see as being from Willow to to her brother, because he left her without any warning and she's sort of bitter / upset about and such.

Tanya Starr Under the Weather by KT Tunstall Youtube - Lyrics

It's just a sort of generally applicable song about her sad past, but she's starting to find a place where she feels like home, etc.

Emwe Soul New Soul by Yael Naim Youtube - Lyrics

This fits for Emwe 'cause first of all he's still a little baby, and re: "making every possible mistake," he's a bit clumsy (I think? I remember him getting his face stuck in the cup in the pack meeting XD). And some of the lyrics like "why all this hate" sort of express his confusion over the whole situation with his mother, etc.

Conor Soul Unbroken by Missy Higgins Youtube - Lyrics

it's about being abused / abandoned by your parents and losing the innocent perspective of youth at too young of an age. but.. things eventually look up, and i think the idea of being "a little unbroken" fits with what happens with Conor after he finds the baby fox. ^^. ugh, i couldn't find a video of missy actually singing this song, but you can get the main gist of it with the one i linked :(.

Catalyst de Sadira You are the Gravity by The Ropes Youtube - Lyrics

the "you" in this song I feel is the incident with Ril'o's death, and about how that sort of changed her and caused her to lose some of the childhood innocence. It's like a pretty big event, and something that's sort of been "holding [her]" down" since then, etc.

Eliza Tierne Temporary by Amber Pacific Youtube - Lyrics

the lyrics between "it's time to start" and "don't forget" are the most relevant to Eliza, because it's about fighting for something right all alone. But this shit that's happening, it's important to realize that it's all temporary, and things will get better, you just have to ride it out.

* Eliza Tierne Nemo by Nightwish Youtube - Lyrics

Eliza's all sad and emo because of Ava's death, and is looking for new things to hope for, to believe in, etc. Ignore the line "without an honest heart as a compass" because Eliza does have one. XD

* Eliza Tierne What if No One's Watching? by Ani DiFranco No Video :( - Lyrics

Mostly the non-chorus lyrics about sticking up for your morals even if people are hating you for it are the ones that stood out as Eliza-esque to mee. And then there's the issue of personal responsibility, the idea that you have to DO STUFF to make things better, you can't just trust in a god to take care of everything.

Dreyrugr Carry Me Home by The Hush Sound Youtube - Lyrics

Drey to Alexey, sort of about how she's the one carrying him home from his far off travels, he needs to get back because of how he left her and he wants to be a part of her life again.

* Dreyrugr Long Long Journey by Enya Youtube - Lyrics

Another song about having to take a long journey to get back to someone you love, and about how his "heart [is] coming home" to Alexey, etc etc. It's a cute song, and applicable 'cause of how he went away.

Past Members
R'ilo A Dark Congregation by The Hush Sound Youtube - Lyrics

A song about a funeral. Applicable to Ril'o because he's like, dead now. :(. Poor Ril'o

Avarice de Sadira Take What You Take by Lily Allen Youtube - Lyrics

Avarice seemed sorta bratty and didn't really like listening to what people tell her to do, and this song fits with the idea of being annoyed with adults trying to make you do things. XD

Firefly Sadira Hope You're Happy Now by The Sounds Youtube - Lyrics

It's a rage!song from Firefly towards Dahlia de Mai. XD. How everyone's giving her all this shit, but the stuff she did wasn't anyone's business and she hope they're happy with what they did, taking her kids away and chasing her off. But even with all that, they still haven't crushed her spirit or broken her, she's not giving into them.